How To Setup Belkin Range Extender ?

Hello Friends,

this is something almost anyone Who has ever used wireless Router can relate. Having a Big House Or Thick Walls Can often be the reason of Slow & Laggy Wireless Internet Connectivity & this is where Range extenders come in the Game.

The range extender is Also Know as Network Repeater Or Network Booster. Range Extender Is An Plug And Play Device & Easy to Configure-

Belkin Does Provide a Wide series of Range extender that Suites the Need of every home Users so You have made a great Choice by Gettings a Belkin extender. we have given a post on how to set up Belkin wifi range extender but Today in this Post we Will explain How one Can Install a Belkin Range wifi extender.

A router Connects With Modem & Spreads the internet Connectivity all Over Under its Range But a Range extender Communicates with the router & Extends the network Range & Strength.

Belkin extender Installation Requirements-

Before we Provide you all Steps Required for Extender Setup just make sure you Have these Key Ingredients Ready-

  • Active & Working Internet Connection (I.S.P )
  • Working Wireless Router & Power Coulet
  • Device Like Computer, Phone Or Table to access Web-based Extender settings.
  • Default Belkin extender Gateway (https //belkin.range) Or Ip.

Note – If it’s an Old Belkin Extender We Recommend You to Reset Belkin Range extender to Default SettingsĀ 

How To Setup Belkin Range Extender-

  • Plug the Belkin extender to Power Source & Turn it on.
  • Go to Your Laptop Or Phone & Search for Available Network In Your Network ListĀ 
  • Find the Unsecured Belkin Extender Network By the Name of Belkin.setup & Connect With it.
  • Once Connected Please Open your Favorite Internet browser and Type Belkin.range in the Address Bar to access Belkin Web-Based Console.
  • Login Belkin Extender Setup & Follow the on-screen Instruction to set up the Belkin extender.
  • Select the Network Name of your main Existing Router & Type the Wireless Password of your main Router.
  • Save the instructions and restart the extender.
  • Place your extender In the middle of the House & Enjoy the Extended Network.

Now You can Place your Range extender Anywhere around your Home. 

You can also Install Belkin extender using WPS Key. Get a full Guide on – Belkin.Setup 

Note – belkin.range is a web address just like mywifiext for netgear and re.rockspace.local for rock space extender.

Hope all of this Helps you find the Help you Needed.

Good luck 

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